biodiesel centrifuge

Biodiesel Centrifuge


Alfa Laval disc stack centrifuges are widely used in various steps of the Biodiesel & Ethanol production processes. Biodiesel glycerin centrifuge systems in particular are extremely efficient in instant separation of the reaction by-products.

Biodiesel is produced by means of the so-called transesterification process. A biodiesel centrifuge is the efficient way to separate glycerol from methyl-ester. The end product has a clearly lower viscosity than the untreated oil and can therefore be used as a fuel, with only minor adjustments to the engine. Biodiesel can be mixed in any ratio with mineral oil diesel.

Primary applications of centrifuges are:


  • Separation of feedstock (WVO) from water/sediment
  • Separation of methyl ester and glycerin/soap/methanol
  • Washing of methyl ester
  • Separation of fatty acids from glycerin
  • Separation of salts from glycerin


Specially designed biodiesel separation systems from Dolphin Centrifuge offer :


  • VITON seals in all fluid contact areas
  • Direct-drive (spark-less) design for hazardous area installation
  • Teflon covered collecting covers
  • Electrical design for hazardous production areas

3-Phase Disc Centrifuges offer several advantages over heating /settling/ filtering:

Time: High G-force facilitates instant separation saving time
Equipment: No more settling frees up tanks for other uses
Labor: No need to change filters reduces labor time & cost
Losses: Previously lost in settling tank bottoms is recovered
Efficiency: Higher production leads to higher profitability

Alfa Laval MOPX205 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Self-Cleaning æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 5GPM
Motor HP: 4HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: ~ 4′ x 5′
Skid Wt.: ~ 1500 lbs

Alfa Laval WHPX510 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Self-Cleaning æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 40GPM
Motor HP: 15HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 5′ x 6′
Skid Wt.: ~4000 lbs
Alfa Laval NX418

Alfa Laval NX418 Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 120GPM
Motor HP: 25HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 5′ x 10′
Skid Wt.: ~ 6000 lbs