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Alfa Laval Disc Centrifuge Accessories | Recommendations and Benefits

Table of Contents The end-user can implement Alfa Laval disc centrifuge accessories to enhance the centrifuge performance by conditioning the process fluid, ease of operation, and centrifuge effluent handling.  In this article, we discuss the various Alfa Laval disc centrifuge accessories and their benefits. It is important to note that these centrifuge accessories are suitable […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Capacity | Rated vs. Actual | Factors to Consider

Table of Contents Disc stack centrifuge capacity is often confusing to first-time centrifuge customers primarily due to the wide range of capacities mentioned by used equipment sellers, online literature, and general users. So, in this article, we will explain the difference between swallowing capacity, rated capacity, and actual real-world capacity of disc stack centrifuges. We […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Troubleshooting | Clogged Bowl Discs

Table Of Contents Excessive sludge can potentially clog the bowl discs in a disc stack centrifuge. If the sludge enters the inter-disc space, it blocks the passage for fluid to pass between discs. This condition is known as a clogged disc stack, drastically affecting the centrifuge performance. Clogged bowl discs can also be a safety […]

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Alfa Laval Centrifuge | Applications, Benefits, Cost, Types, Specs, Sizes

Table Of Contents An Alfa Laval centrifuge is an industrial centrifuge manufactured by Alfa Laval, a global standard for high-quality, reliable separation equipment. These centrifuges find various uses in all manufacturing and processing industries. Working Principle An Alfa Laval centrifuge is a sedimentation type of centrifuge that utilizes the enhanced force of gravity to separate […]

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Ethanol Extraction Centrifuges: Technical Comparison

Table Of Contents Ethanol Extraction Process The use of solvents to extract CBD Oil and THC compounds from dry plant biomass is known as the ethanol extraction process. Depending on the type of compound desired, the process may vary, but alcohol in the form of ethanol is key to the extraction of cannabinoids. An essential […]

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10 Reasons a Disc Centrifuge Cannot Reach Operating Speed

A disc stack centrifuge uses the centrifugal force it generates to separate the liquid from solid and liquid from liquid. The centrifugal force exerted is a direct function of the bowl’s rotating speed. A disc centrifuge cannot reach operating speed due to several reasons. In this article, we will explore the causes and relevant fixes […]

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Disc Centrifuge Friction Clutch Maintenance: A complete guide

Table Of Contents If you have an Alfa Laval disc stack centrifuge, it is crucial to know how to maintain the friction clutch to avoid centrifuge breakdowns and unplanned maintenance downtime. Also, a worn-out clutch causes a host of other issues for the centrifuge in the long run. This article discusses the maintenance and repair […]

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Can a centrifuge separate salt from water?

A centrifuge cannot separate salt from water. Centrifuges use the force of gravity to affect the separation of solids from liquids. Salt dissolves in water to form a solution. The centrifugal force exerted by a centrifuge separates immiscible phases such as sand from water but not miscible phases such as salt in water. Why can’t […]

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9 Steps to Picking The Right Industrial Centrifuge

Table Of Contents Considering purchasing an industrial centrifuge but unsure where to begin? Even after thorough research, it's common to have lingering doubts and questions. Industrial centrifuges are significant capital investments that require meticulous consideration. With our 40 years of expertise in the industrial centrifuge sector, we guide prospective buyers toward making informed decisions. We've […]

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Centrifugal Filter | Working Principle, Types, Benefits, Applications

Table Of Contents What is a centrifuge or centrifugal filter? The process of using centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids is called centrifugal filtration. This method uses gravitational force instead of filter media to affect the separation.  A centrifugal filter separates a range of particles based on their density, whereas a conventional filter separates […]

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