Disc Centrifuge


Diesel Fuel Centrifugal Separator

High Capacity Diesel Separator   Diesel is the most commonly used fuel for large engines, electric generators, locomotives and commercial vehicles. For small volumes a filter or spinner type centrifuge can be used to separate coarse sludge. For larger capacities, an industrial centrifugal separator is an ideal solution. A flow-through design allows these fuel separators …

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Industrial Centrifuge for Pyrolysis Oil

Industrial Scale Pyrolysis Oil Production | Centrifuge Application

Table of Contents Pyrolysis Process – Brief Description   Solid organic material (mostly petroleum based) such as plastics, tires etc., disintegrates into solid and liquid phases  at elevated temperature. This reaction occurs in the absence of oxygen. This process is generally referred to as pyrolysis.   Byproducts of Pyrolysis   Pyrolysis produces solids, liquid and …

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Diesel Fuel Purifier System – Large Scale Application

Crude Oil transporting rail cars need to be cleaned periodically to remove accumulated sludge, waxes etc. Diesel is widely used as the washing fluid for such applications. One such rail car washing facility in the south-west uses approximately 10,000 gallons of fresh diesel everyday. The spent diesel could not be reused due the water and …

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Used Oil Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Large Scale WVO Centrifuge – 40 GPM

Commercial Scale WVO Centrifuge Application   A large-scale, mid-west waste-oil collection company contacted Dolphin Centrifuge to investigate the possibility of increasing the efficiency and throughput of their waste vegetable oil (WVO) recovery facility. The customer was processing 6M gallons annually of all sorts of waste oil streams primarily consisting of grease trap waste, UCO, yellow …

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Biodiesel Centrifuge

Biodiesel Glycerin Separation Centrifuge

Biodiesel Glycerin Separation – Process & Application Details Biodiesel can be seen as an organic, renewable alternative to conventional diesel fuel. It is environmentally friendly due to lower emissions and usable in current engines designed to operate on diesel fuel. Click here for information about biodiesel. Organic fats and oils are converted to biodiesel by …

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Used Engine Oil Centrifuge

Used Engine Oil Centrifuge for Waste Oil Collection Company   Used oil collection and processing needs industrial scale purification equipment to handle large volumes of mineral oils with aqueous (water, engine coolant etc.) and sludge as contaminants. Filters or other filtration media are not suitable for continuous, reliable and consistent separation of used oils. Dolphin …

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