Explosion Proof Centrifuge

Hemp Biomass Separation Centrifuge

Hemp Solvent Biomass Separator

Hemp biomass separator is the primary equipment in the solvent extraction process for CBD oil production. Increasing separation efficiency at this stage leads to significantly higher production efficiency of the CBD oil extraction process. Conventional centrifugal separators (basket centrifuge) are often used to separate the biomass from the solvent. Dried hemp plant stock which is …

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Explosion Proof Centrifuge – Offshore Diesel Purification

Dolphin Centrifuge manufactures explosion proof industrial centrifuge systems for use in hazardous Location. Our control panels are designed for locations where concentrations of flammable gases, dust, vapors, or combustible particles can cause ignition and explosion. Explosion proof centrifuge configurations can be supplied with NEMA 7 (USA), ATEX approval and IECEX approval and certifications, based on …

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