Centrifuge Sample Testing


Customer Sample Testing

Customer samples can be processed in our Pilot Scale Centrifuge (manual clean type) to determine the type of centrifuge and expected operating results. Pilot scale centrifuge sample testing lets Dolphin Centrifuge get a thorough understanding of your product and the ability to recommend if & which industrial centrifuge will work for your application.

Based on this testing, Dolphin can make a informed recommendation as to:
(a) Applicability & limitations (if any) of an industrial centrifuge
(b) Type and model of centrifuge best suited for customer’s needs

The customer benefits by being able to evaluate centrifuge performance on their product. Customer may also run further laboratory analysis on the returned samples to verify separation efficiency.

Sample Testing Process

  • Phase analysis of incoming customer sample to understand the ratio of phases present
  • Thoroughly agitate and heat (if needed) quantified portion of customer sample
  • Process through pilot centrifuge and collect separated phases
  • Evaluate separation efficiency by spinning separated liquid phase in tube centrifuge
  • Generate Test Report for each customer sample
  • Collect, pack and ship separated sample phases to customer

A nominal testing charge is applicable which can be applied as credit towards a centrifuge purchase.