Centrifuge Service & Training


On-Site Centrifuge Service & Training

An integral part of our services is the on-site centrifuge service and training we provide to our customers. This assures the customer optimum use of the centrifuge in a safe and efficient way. Once the centrifuge is delivered and installed on site, our technicians go through the entire centrifuge system with the customer’s support staff to familiarize them with ever aspect of the mechanical and electrical sub-systems. This service typically includes:

  • Complete mechanical & electrical check of the centrifuge installation
  • Bowl Installation by site personnel under our technical supervision
  • Initial start-up of the centrifuge and test run to check operating parameters
  • Process customer product through centrifuge
  • Optimize centrifuge to customer fluid characteristics for optimum efficiency
  • Monitor and record operating parameters for future reference
  • Test sub-system components (pumps, heaters, sludge handling system etc.) and adjust as needed
  • Trigger various system alarms and train personnel on trouble-shooting
  • System shut-down sequence by site personnel under our tech’s supervision
  • Bowl dis-assembly and re-assembly by site personnel under our tech’s supervision

Dolphin Centrifuge also provides on-site centrifuge service options as part of a PM schedule or on as-needed basis.

In-house Operational Training

Operator training for your personnel is included when you purchase a centrifuge system from Dolphin Centrifuge. We recommend you send your operator(s) to our workshop for hands-on training on your centrifuge during the testing phase of our manufacturing process. Except for processing your product through the centrifuge (all testing is done on water), all other operational aspects of the centrifuge system (as listed above) can be covered during our in-house training.

As part of the training we encourage your operators to operate the centrifuge system and controls. We also train them to tear-down & rebuild the centrifuge to familiarize them with the inner mechanical and electrical details of the centrifuge system.