Crude Oil Centrifuge Systems

Crude Oil Centrifuge

Crude oil solids (sludge) is the primary contaminant in all types of oilfield streams.It needs to be handled effectively to protect downstream equipment such as pumps, separators, wellheads etc.. A crude oil decanter centrifuge is the first line of defense to remove the bulk of heavy, abrasive solids from the crude oil.

Crude oil decanters efficiently remove sludge and produce relatively sludge-free fluid which is much easier to handle and treat for recovery of sale-oil.

Centrifuges are used in several applications in the oilfield – these are generally referred to as oilfield centrifuges. Dolphin Centrifuge has supplied crude oil centrifuges for multiple applications some of which are listed below.

Solids Control Centrifuge aka Drilling Mud Centrifuge

Solids control centrifuges are also known as drilling mud centrifuges or decanters. They are primarily used to separate drilling fluids from the crushed solids as the drilling fluid comes back to the surface. These drilling mud solids are extremely heavy and abrasive. They require heavy duty gearboxes, wear protecting liners, tiled conveyors and precision speed control for optimum efficiency and durability.

Dolphin Centrifuge has Alfa Laval solids control decanters for sale. These specially equipped decanters can be supplied as a packed unit complete with transfer pumps, clean fluid tanks and return pumps, sludge conveyor, fully automated VFD control systems and other accessories based on customer requirements.

Tank Bottom Centrifuge System

Crude oil extracted from the ground carries saltwater and sand or other sediment. Producers often use settling to separate sale-able oil from Bottom Sediment & Water also known as BS&W. The residue left in the settling tanks is known as tank bottoms. Considerable oil is still left in tank bottoms and can be recovered for additional revenue.

An oilfield centrifuge is a cost-effective solution for tank bottom processing to recover sale-able oil. Crude oil centrifuges are also used at SWDs for produced water separation and other crude oil de-sludging applications.

Dolphin Centrifuge has been working with owners and operators to design engineered solutions for efficient, low-cost oil recovery. Our containerized Oil Recovery System (click above for a virtual walk-through) is a ‘self-contained’ module designed for remote field applications to process tank bottoms and recover sale oil with less than 0.1% BS&W.

Essentially BS&W removal from tank bottoms is a 3 step process:

  1. Heating and pre-straining to remove large impurities i.e. rocks, organics etc.
  2.  De-sludging through a crude oil decanter to remove heavy sludge.
  3. Polishing through a hi-speed disc stack centrifuge to separate all free water and remaining fine sediment.

From Refinery Slop, Tank Bottoms to Salt Water Disposal (SWD) sites, Crude Oil Separator Systems play a vital role in separation and recovery of sale oil.

Containerized Oil Recovery System 

Dolphin designed & manufactured ORS are an ingenious solution oilfields which incorporates the 3-Step process mentioned above for crude oil de-watering. We have integrated a pre-strainer, decanter & crude oil centrifuge along with accessories such as pumps, heaters, sludge augers, buffer tanks etc. into a standard 40′ intermodal shipping container for ease of deployment and use in remote field locations. In addition these crude oil separator modules have interior lighting, service crane(s), interconnecting pipes, fully automatic PLC control systems etc.

Skid Mounted Oil Recovery System

The ORS is also available in a “Skid Mounted” design which is suitable for fixed installation in existing facilities. Each of the 3-step components are supplied as individual skid mounted systems which offers the customer the flexibility to configure the ORS around tanks or other assets already installed. Also, typically the skid mounted configuration offers lower cost and shorter lead-times.

Crude Oil Centrifuge Skid Mounted System
Alfa Laval MOPX205 Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MOPX205 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Self-Cleaning æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 5GPM
Motor HP: 4HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: ~ 4′ x 5′
Skid Wt.: ~ 1500 lbs
Alfa Laval WHPX510 Centrifuge

Alfa Laval WHPX510 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Self-Cleaning æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 40GPM
Motor HP: 15HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 5′ x 6′
Skid Wt.: ~4000 lbs
Alfa Laval NX418

Alfa Laval NX418 Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 120GPM
Motor HP: 25HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 5′ x 10′
Skid Wt.: ~ 6000 lbs