Centrifuges for Hemp & CBD Oil Extraction

Centrifuges for Solvent Extraction of CBD Oil from Hemp

Decanter centrifuges are ideal for removing  hemp biomass from CBD solvent! Ideal for the Hemp/CBD Oil industry, our decanter centrifuges come with explosion proof motors with VFD control.

Increase your CBD and hemp oil production  for the medical marijuana industry!  Alfa Laval Decanter centrifuges are specially modified by Dolphin Centrifuge and are perfect for ethanol extraction of CBD and Hemp Oil.

Dolphin Centrifuge Stainless Steel Centrifuges and Decanters are also well suited for extraction of flavoring oils from herbal plant matter.


Hemp CBD Oil Decanter Centrifuge
Centrifuge for Hemp Biomass Separation
Hemp Oil Clarification Centrifuge
Stainless Steel Food Grade Clarifier for CBD Ethanol Clarification

Hemp CBD Oil Solvent Clarifier

Self-cleaning, Disc type centrifuges offer the maximum amount of G-Force to separate the fine suspended particles from the solvent. These industrial CBD Oil centrifuges eliminate the need for filtration of the solvent.

Dolphin Centrifuge has developed a custom designed line of Hemp CBD Oil Centrifuges to clarify the solvent or water from the previous step of biomass separation using a Decanter Centrifuge as shown above.

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Dolphin Centrifuge’s exclusive line of centrifuges for the Hemp CBD Oil industry feature:

  • All Stainless Steel Fluid Contact
  • High G-Force (8000 g’s)
  • Automatic Sludge Discharge
  • Fully Automatic Operation with PLC & Touchscreen Control System
  • Class 1 Dvi1 or Div 2 Hazardous Area Classification
  • Complete Skid Mounted and Tested Modules
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