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Hemp Solvent Biomass Separator

Hemp biomass separator is the primary equipment in the solvent extraction process for CBD oil production. Increasing separation efficiency at this stage leads to significantly

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Auto Desludging Disc Centrifuge

Diesel Fuel Centrifugal Separator

High Capacity Diesel Separator   Diesel is the most commonly used fuel for large engines, electric generators, locomotives and commercial vehicles. For small volumes a

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Crude Oil Heater and Filter Skid
Auxiliary Systems

Crude Oil Heater & Pre-Strainer

Crude Oil Heater & Pre-Strainer Dolphin Centrifuge designed and manufactured Dual Stage, Full Duplex Pre-Strainer with 90kW Electric Pre-Heater. System features: Self Purging, 2-Stage Duplex

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Used Oil Self-Cleaning Centrifuge
Auto Desludging Disc Centrifuge

Large Scale WVO Centrifuge – 40 GPM

Commercial Scale WVO Centrifuge Application   A large-scale, mid-west waste-oil collection company contacted Dolphin Centrifuge to investigate the possibility of increasing the efficiency and throughput

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