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6 Causes of Disc Stack Centrifuge Bad Separation

Synopsis Disc Centrifuge separation results depend on internal (centrifuge specific) and external (process fluid-related) factors. In this article, we discuss the common reasons behind disc stack centrifuge bad separation.  We will first discuss internal, i.e., centrifuge-related causes of bad separation results. Following this, we will discuss external factors that often affect separation results. Disc Centrifuge […]

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Removing Metals from Used Engine Oil | Industrial Centrifuge

Table of Contents Used Engine Oil – What is it? Where Does it Come From? Applications of Used Engine Oil Contaminants in Used Engine Oil What are the sources of heavy metals and ash in used engine oil? Engine Oil Metal Contaminants – Before & After Use Why remove water, heavy metals, and ash from […]

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Crude Oil Tank Bottom Recovery by Industrial Centrifuges

Synopsis Industrial centrifuges offer an efficient way to recover oil from crude oil tank bottoms. In this article, we highlight the various ways in which centrifuges bring efficiency to this process. Specifically, we will discuss Dolphin Centrifuge’s Oil Recovery Systems (ORS), their features, and their benefits. This article includes a technical explanation of the ORS, […]

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10 Causes & Easy Fixes for Disc Stack Centrifuge Vibration

Disc stack centrifuges contain a metal bowl that rotates at a high RPM. Any rotating mass that is not correctly balanced causes vibrations. Therefore all disc stack bowls generate vibrations to varying degrees in the centrifuge under normal conditions. Under certain conditions, the disc centrifuge may vibrate more than usual, which is a cause of […]

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6 Causes of Decanter Centrifuge Vibration and How to Fix Them

Decanter Centrifuge Vibration A decanter centrifuge, like any other rotating equipment, vibrates during operation. Also, amplified vibration is typical during startup and shut-down of the

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5 Ways to Increase Disc Stack Centrifuge Efficiency | Illustrated Guide

Users of disc-stack centrifuges often ask about ways they can increase the capacity or quality of the effluent from their centrifuge equipment. There are a

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Centrifuge RCF and RPM | Difference & RCF Calculation

RCF and RPM are standard terms in the context of centrifuges. This article explains the difference between the two terms and why RCF is more relevant to centrifuges. Though the two terms are related to each other mathematically, they are vastly different from the application’s perspective.

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Disadvantages of a Disc-Stack Centrifuge | Illustrated Guide

Table of Contents Synopsis Particle Size in Process Liquid Maximum Solids Load Intermittent Sludge Discharge Sludge Buildup in Centrifuge Bowl Moving Parts in Sludge Discharge Mechanism Auxiliary Operating Water Requirement Summary Synopsis Though there are several advantages to disc-stack centrifuge, there are some equally important disadvantages. The following are some of the main disadvantages of […]

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Decanter Centrifuge Pond Depth | Effects on Cake Dryness & Liquid Clarity

Table of Contents 30 Second Summary Takeaway Decanter Centrifuge Pond Depth Adjusting the Depth Effects of Pond Depth on Decanter Performance Shallow Pond (Longer Weir Plate Radius) Deeper Pond (Shorter Weir Plate Radius) Correlation Graph Between Pond Depth and Decanter Performance Bowl Liquid Volume as a Function of Weir Plate Radius Alfa Laval NX-314-B31 Pond […]

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Hydraulic Oil Contamination in Extrusion Industry | A Centrifuge Application

Synopsis Hydraulic oil contamination in the extrusion industry is a common problem that needs constant attention. A centrifuge-based hydraulic oil cleaning system is a perfect fit for this industry to avoid excessive losses related to equipment breakdown from contaminated oil. This article will discuss understanding your hydraulic oil analysis report, the effects of oil contamination, […]

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