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Difference Between Decanter & Disc Centrifuge | Technical Comparison

Table of Contents 30-Second Take-Away Overview of Decanter and Disc Centrifuge Operation Decanter Centrifuge Disc Centrifuge Comparison of Decanter and Disc Centrifuges Physical Characteristics Orientation Decanter Centrifuge Orientation Disc Centrifuge Orientation Centrifuge Dimensions and Weights Decanter Centrifuges – Dimensions & Weights Disc Centrifuges – Dimensions & Weights Centrifuge Power Ratings Decanter Centrifuge Power Disc Centrifuge […]

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Hemp Solvent Biomass Separator | Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge

Table of Contents What is a Hemp Biomass Solvent Separator? Different Types of Hemp Biomass Separators Basket type centrifuge Decanter type centrifuge How do Centrifugal Biomass Solvent Separators Work? Operation of a ‘basket type’ centrifuge in hemp biomass separation Operation of a decanter centrifuge in hemp biomass separation Comparison of Centrifugal Biomass Separators Where does […]

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Waste Oil Emulsion Breaking with an Industrial Centrifuge

Table of Contents Synopsis What is an emulsion? Types of Oil-Water Emulsions Oil in Water (O/W) emulsion Water in Oil (W/O) emulsion What causes emulsion in waste oil? Methods of splitting water in oil emulsions What are coalescence and flocculation? Flocculation and Coalescence Illustration How does a disc stack centrifuge separate emulsified water from oil? […]

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Industrial Scale Pyrolysis Oil Production | Centrifuge Application

Table of Contents Pyrolysis Process – Brief Description Byproducts of Pyrolysis Separating Challenges in Pyrolysis Production Industrial Centrifuges – Processing Solution Industrial Centrifuges – Types and Capabilities Decanter Centrifuge Self Cleaning, Disc Stack Centrifuge Industrial Centrifuges – Applicability to Pyrolysis Oil Production Real World Application of Industrial Centrifuges for Pyrolysis Production. Centrifuge System Specifics Summary […]

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Food Grade Centrifuge | Mint Oil Purification | Alfa Laval Centrifuge

Table of Contents Food-grade Centrifuge Uses of Mint Oil as a Flavoring Agent Moisture in Crude Mint Oil Pilot Scale Feasibility Testing Mint Oil Testing Results Food-Grade Centrifuge Production Validation Food-Grade Centrifuge Applications Food-grade Centrifuge A food-grade centrifuge is a specifically designed industrial centrifuge for the separation of edible products. With a flow-through design, food-grade […]

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Diesel Fuel Purifier | Large Scale Application | Alfa Laval Centrifuge

Table of Contents The Source of Contaminated Diesel Customer’s Old Process to Purify Black Diesel Pilot Scale Testing at Dolphin Centrifuge Pilot Scale Test Results Large Scale Diesel Fuel Purifier – System Details Reclaiming Used Black Diesel – Verified Field Results Technical Specifications of the Large Scale Diesel Centrifuge System The Source of Contaminated Diesel […]

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Large Scale Yellow Grease Purification | A Centrifuge Case Study

Table of Contents Synopsys Case Study of Centrifuge on Yellow Grease Processing. Customer Background Processing Challenges Centrifuge Selection and Validation Process Customer Sample Testing Yellow Grease Sample Testing Results Installation, Startup, and Benefits of the Centrifuge System Yellow Grease Centrifuge Technical Details Specifications Centrifuge Options Centrifuge Capabilities Conclusion Synopsys Dolphin Centrifuge designed and manufactured a […]

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Machining Coolant Recovery | Pasteurizing & Centrifuge

Table of contents Synopsys Machining Coolant – What is it? Why is it needed? Machining Coolant Types Soluble Oils Synthetic Coolants Semi-synthetic Coolants Typical contaminants of machining coolant Solid contaminants Tramp Oil How does a disc centrifuge recover water-based coolant? Reasons to Heat Machine Coolant Before Centrifugation Pasteurization of Coolant What is pasteurization? Why pasteurize […]

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Removing Metals from Used Engine Oil | Industrial Centrifuge

Table of Contents Used Engine Oil – What is it? Where Does it Come From? Applications of Used Engine Oil Contaminants in Used Engine Oil What are the sources of heavy metals and ash in used engine oil? Engine Oil Metal Contaminants – Before & After Use Why remove water, heavy metals, and ash from […]

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Explosion Proof Industrial Centrifuge | Applications, Standards & Adaptation

Table of Contents Synopsis Explosion Proof Centrifuge Applications Requiring Area Classified Centrifuges Class 1 Division 1 Applications Centrifuge for Petroleum Refineries Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Area Applications Hemp Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge Uses for Purged Centrifuges Electrical Standards for Explosion-Proof & Hazardous Areas N. America European Union International Modifications for Explosion proofing Electrical Modifications Electrical […]

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