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Disc Stack Centrifuge Performance - 8 External Factors

Table of Contents Ambient Temperature Physical Effects on Centrifuge Mechanics Lubricating Oil Viscosity Operating Water Temperature Gelling of Process Fluid Constituents Type of Feed Tank Location of Feed Tank Location of Discharge Tank Centrifuge Back Pressure Climate Effect on Discharge Piping Discharge Tank Connection Location Feed Tank Agitation Type of Feed Transfer Pump Sludge Tank […]

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7 Key Things to Know About Disc Stack Centrifuge Operating Water

Table of Contents What is Disc Stack Centrifuge Operating Water? How Does the Centrifuge Use Operating Water? Where Does the Operating Water Come From? Water Harness How Much Operating Water Does a Centrifuge Use Important Parameters of Centrifuge Operating Water Quality Hardness Purity Issues Caused by Bad Operating Water Quality Volume Issues Caused by Insufficient […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge | Sludge Ejection Cycle Time Calculation

Table of Contents Why Does the Sludge Need to be Ejected? How is the Sludge Ejected? What is the Sludge Ejection Cycle Time? Factors Affecting the Cycle Time Bowl Sludge Space How to Determine the Bowl Sludge Space? Flow-Rate How to Determine the Flow-Rate? Percentage Solids How to Determine the Percentage of Solids? Calculation of […]

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Pyrolysis Oil Centrifuge Application: Large Scale Production from Tires

Table of Contents In this real-world case study, we will discuss the applicability of a pyrolysis oil centrifuge and its application for the large-scale production of bio-oil from used tires. Pyrolysis Process – Brief Description Solid organic material (mostly petroleum-based), such as plastics, tires, etc., disintegrates into solid and liquid phases at elevated temperatures. This […]

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5 Ways to Optimize Decanter Performance | Illustrated Guide

Table of Contents 30 Second Summary Takeaway Decanter centrifuge performance optimization involves tuning or adjusting specific operating parameters to improve the separation efficiency of the decanter. In this article, we discuss the 5 most effective and straightforward ways to achieve optimal decanter operation. We will address the following typical questions related to the optimization process. […]

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Disc Centrifuge Backpressure | A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents What is Backpressure? Benefits of Backpressure Immersing Paring Disc in Fluid Stabilizing Oil-Water Interface Enhancing Separation Efficiency Breakover Detection Ways to Create Backpressure Intentional Ways Unintentional Ways Disadvantage of Varying or Excessive Backpressure Breakover Reduced Flow-rate Reduced Centrifuge Efficiency Monitoring & Adjusting Backpressure Manual Automatic What is Backpressure in Disc Centrifuges? A […]

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Disc Centrifuge Liquid Seal Break or Breakover | Causes, Detection, Fixes

Table of Contents What is Liquid Seal Break or Breakover in Disc Centrifuges? During the normal 3-phase separation process in a disc-stack centrifuge, the heavy phase (typically water) forms a liquid seal around the periphery of the bowl. Under certain conditions, the light phase pushes out the heavy phase and escapes through the heavy phase […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Applications | Comprehensive List of Uses from A to Z

Table of ContentsOverview Summary Overview Disc centrifuges find uses in all kinds of industrial applications. From apple juice clarification, biodiesel, citrus juice, diesel fuel, and eggshells to zinc particles from draw oil. Industrial centrifuges are used in food, beverage, mining, power generation, shipping, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas, and other industries. Having supplied a wide […]

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Hemp Solvent Biomass Separator | Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge

Table of Contents What is a Hemp Biomass Solvent Separator? A hemp biomass separator is a piece of primary equipment in the solvent extraction process for CBD oil production. Its purpose is to separate the solvent liquid from the hemp biomass. This separation step is after the absorption of CBD oil into the solvent. Different […]

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Large Scale Yellow Grease Purification Centrifuge | A Case Study

Table of Contents Synopsys Dolphin Centrifuge designed and manufactured a complete Yellow Grease purification centrifuge system featuring an Alfa Laval ‘Self-Cleaning’ Disc-Centrifuge. We supplied the system to a Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collection company. The following is a case study of this particular application of a Yellow Grease centrifuge for large-scale processing. Case Study of […]

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