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Pyrolysis Oil Centrifuge Application: Large Scale Production from Tires

Table of Contents In this real-world case study, we will discuss the applicability of a pyrolysis oil centrifuge and its application for the large-scale production of bio-oil from used tires. Pyrolysis Process – Brief Description Solid organic material (mostly petroleum-based) such as plastics, tires, etc., disintegrates into solid and liquid phases at elevated temperatures. This […]

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Food Grade Centrifuge | Mint Oil Purification | Alfa Laval Centrifuge

Table of Contents Operation A food-grade centrifuge is a specifically designed industrial centrifuge for beverage clarification. With a flow-through design, stainless steel food-grade centrifuges offer continuous processing. High centrifugal force (up to 10,000 g) separates beverages from fine impurities (1.0µ). Applications Food and beverage industry applications for food-grade centrifuges include: Apple Juice and Other Fruit […]

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Diesel Fuel Purifier | Large Scale Application | Alfa Laval Centrifuge

Table of Contents The Source of Contaminated Diesel Railcars transporting crude oil need periodic cleaning. This is to remove accumulated sludge, waxes, etc.  Diesel fuel is often used as the washing fluid for rail car cleaning. One facility used approximately 10,000 gallons of fresh diesel every day. Reuse of the spent black diesel was desirable […]

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Machining Coolant Recovery | Pasteurizing & Centrifuge

Table of contents Synopsys Machining Coolant – What is it? Why is it needed? Machining Coolant Types Soluble Oils Synthetic Coolants Semi-synthetic Coolants Typical contaminants of machining coolant Solid contaminants Tramp Oil How does a disc centrifuge recover water-based coolant? Reasons to Heat Machine Coolant Before Centrifugation Pasteurization of Coolant What is pasteurization? Why pasteurize […]

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