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Disadvantages of a Disc-Stack Centrifuge | Illustrated Guide

Table of Contents Synopsis Though there are several advantages to disc-stack centrifuge, there are some equally important disadvantages. The following are some of the main disadvantages of disc-stack centrifuges and corresponding workarounds. Particle Size in Process Liquid The stack of conical discs (disc-stack) has a preset spacing between the discs. Typically this is in the […]

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Decanter Centrifuge Pond Depth | Effects on Cake Dryness & Liquid Clarity

Table of Contents 30-Second Summary Takeaway Decanter Centrifuge Pond Depth Adjusting the Depth Effects of Pond Depth on Decanter Performance Shallow Pond (Longer Weir Plate Radius) Deeper Pond (Shorter Weir Plate Radius) Correlation Graph Between Pond Depth and Decanter Performance Bowl Liquid Volume as a Function of Weir Plate Radius Alfa Laval NX-314-B31 Pond Depth […]

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Hydraulic Oil Contamination in Extrusion Industry | A Centrifuge Application

Synopsis Hydraulic oil contamination in the extrusion industry is a common problem that needs constant attention. A centrifuge-based hydraulic oil cleaning system is a perfect fit for this industry to avoid excessive losses related to equipment breakdown from contaminated oil. This article will discuss understanding your hydraulic oil analysis report, the effects of oil contamination, […]

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Decanter Centrifuge Differential Speed Calculator | Dolphin Centrifuge

Table of Contents 30-Second Summary Takeaway What are the different speeds related to a Decanter Centrifuge? Bowl Speed Scroll Speed Decanter Differential Speed The Mechanism to Create Differential Speed Adjustment or Variation Differential Speed Calculation Formula Differential Speed Calculator Differential Speed Table Effects of Higher Differential Speed Benefits of Differential Speed Variation Quick Reaction to […]

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Difference Between Purifier and Clarifier Centrifuge

Table of Contents Synopsis The primary difference between a purifier and a clarifier centrifuge is that a purifier separates one liquid from another liquid and solids simultaneously. Therefore, a purifier is a three-phase separator. A clarifier centrifuge separates a liquid from solids, which is also known as two-phase separation. This illustrated article explains the technical […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Troubleshooting | Paring Disc Block

Table of Contents Synopsis Water Paring Disc – Location and Operation Sludge Accumulation in the Paring Disc – How and Why? Symptoms of Blocked Water Paring Disc Problems Caused by Clogged Heavy Phase Paring Disc Clearing a Blocked Paring Disc Preventing the Water Paring Disc from Sludge Blockage Summary Synopsis The paring disc (aka impeller) […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Troubleshooting | Bowl Leaking

Table of Contents Synopsis Disc Centrifuge Bowl Leaking Explained Visual Clues to a Leaking Bowl Causes and Fixes for a Leaking Bowl Nylon Seal Ring Worn Out Bowl Not Fully Closed Closing Water Leaking Sliding Piston Lip Wear Sludge Particle Embedded in the Nylon Seal Ring Other Causes of Unexpected Fluid Leaking Through the Sludge […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Troubleshooting | Bowl Opening / Closing

Table of Contents Synopsis Disc Stack Centrifuge Bowl Opening and Closing Operation Bowl Closing Process Bowl Opening Process Bowl Closing Process After Sludge Ejection Telltale Signs of Bowl Not Closing Reasons and Fixes for Bowl Not Closing (aka Fail to Close) Issues with the Closing Water System Closing Water Flow-Rate (Volume) Closing Water Pressure Condition […]

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Disc Centrifuge Parts Glossary: An illustrated guide

Table of Contents Synopsys Disc Centrifuge Parts Glossary Bowl Disc (aka disk, conical plate, plate-stack, disc-stack) Bowl Body (aka Bowl Drum, Bowl Shell) Bowl Hood (aka Bowl Top) Bowl Liner (aka Piston Liner) Bowl Spindle Control Paring Disc Distributing Cone Distributing Cover Distributing Ring (aka Water Ring) Distributor (aka Disc Carrier, Disc Tower) Gravity Disc (aka […]

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