Large Scale WVO Centrifuge – 40 GPM

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Commercial Scale WVO Centrifuge Application


A large-scale, mid-west waste-oil collection company contacted Dolphin Centrifuge to investigate the possibility of increasing the efficiency and throughput of their waste vegetable oil (WVO) recovery facility. The customer was processing 6M gallons annually of all sorts of waste oil streams primarily consisting of grease trap waste, UCO, yellow grease, restaurant slop oil, fryer oil etc. The customers goal was to sell highest quality WVO for biodiesel production.

At the initial step the customer provided a detailed process flow diagram (PFD) of their existing facility, equipment and process. The customer was using the age-old process of heating, settling, decanting & filtering.

Based on past experience with similar waste oil purification applications, Dolphin suggested testing of the customer’s WVO sample through our pilot scale, industrial centrifuge. This step confirms the applicability of centrifuge technology for customer specific fluids. It also gives us additional information about the fluids such as viscosity, actual contamination levels and other fluid properties to make an informed recommendation to the customer.

The test results showed excellent separation at an optimum process temperature of 180 F, at a scaled flow-rate of about 40 GPM. This was the customer’s preferred throughput rate in production. The high separation efficiency of the disc-stack centrifuge separated more solids from the WVO than anticipated by the customer. This was based on a comparison with their current heating/settling process.

A detailed technical proposal for a complete WVO recovery system was provided to the customer along with the sample test report. Dolphin also provided a recommended PFD to re-purpose some of the existing pre-straining equipment. It also eliminated some of the settling tanks which would no longer be needed.

The customer was excited to increase their capacity and final product quality and decided to move forward with the execution of the proposal. The system was subsequently installed at customer’s facility with technical assistance from Dolphin engineers on site.

Based on the cost savings from material (filter media etc.) and labor alone, the customer was able to recoup the capital investment in less than 8 months of installation! The ~30% increased throughput was an additional benefit as their annual throughput was on track to reach 8M gallons.

The industrial centrifuge system module designed and manufactured by Dolphin Centrifuge is shown above. The specifications of this system are listed below.

Alfa Laval WHPX510 Centrifuge for WVO Processing System including:

Technical specifications of this WVO industrial centrifuge: 3-Phase separation of WVO to remove all free-water and sediment down to 0.5µ. The system processes up-to 40 GPM of WVO at 180 F to separate all free water and sediment.