What is a Solids Retaining Centrifuge
Solids Retaining Centrifuge, is a disc type centrifuge in which the separated solids accumulate at the bowl periphery and need to be manually evacuated. These Alfa Laval centrifuges are also known as Manual-Cleaning centrifuges or Solid Bowl Disc Centrifuges.
For what applications is an Manual-Cleaning Centrifuge best suited?
The sludge retaining design of the bowl prevents this type of centrifuge from being used in any application with appreciable level of solids, these manual-cleaning disc centrifuges are best for application where the %sludge (%sediment) is 0.5% v/v) sludge loads a Alfa Laval ‘self-cleaning’ centrifuge is recommended.

A Manual Cleaning Centrifuge is ideal for the separation of the 2-liquid phases. Any solids (down to 0.5µ) are separated as well and are accumulated in the bowl of the centrifuge for manual evacuation.
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