Alfa Laval Manual Clean Centrifuge

What is a Manual-Clean Centrifuge?

A Manual Clean Centrifuge is a disc type centrifuge in which the separated solids accumulate at the bowl periphery. Separated solids need to be manually evacuated. These Alfa Laval centrifuges are also known as Solid Retaining Centrifuges or Solid Bowl Disc Centrifuges.

Manual-Cleaning Centrifuge are used for?

The sludge retaining design of the bowl prevents this type of centrifuge from being used in any application with appreciable levels of solids. Therefore manual-cleaning disc centrifuges are best for application where the %sludge (%sediment) is 0.05% v/v). For higher sludge loads, we recommend Alfa Laval ‘self-cleaning’ centrifuges.

A Manual Cleaning Centrifuge is ideal for the separation of the 2-liquid phases with trace solids or no solids. Any solids (down to 0.5µ) are separated as well. The solids accumulate in the bowl of the centrifuge and need to be manually removed.

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