34 GPM* : Self-Cleaning Disc Stack Centrifuge : Alfa Laval MOPX209

Product Description

    • Model type:
    • Alfa Laval MOPX309
    • Rated capacity:
    • 50.8 GPM
    • Motor HP:
    • 10 HP
    • Voltage(s):
    • 230V / 460V

MOPX209 Self Cleaning Centrifuge

Purification or clarification of Diesel, Intermediate and Heavy Fuel Oils (IFO, HFO), Waste Oil , Industrial Fluids & Machining Coolants and Lubricating Oils. Click here to see images of MOPX209 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge supplied by Dolphin Centrifuge in different configurations.

System working principle
The MOPX209 Separation System is operated automatically by the Dolphin Centrifuge PLC/HMI control system. The MOPX209 Self-Cleaning centrifuge bowl can be arranged as a purifier or as a clarifier. A purifier separates sludge and water from the oil. Water is continuously discharged from the bowl. The sludge accumulated in the sludge space in both a purifier and a clarifier is intermittently discharged. In a clarifier, the water outlet is blocked i.e. the water handling capability is limited.

In the purifier mode, the Dolphin control system automatically controls the water admitted to the separator for the water seal and displacement of oil prior to sludge discharge. During normal operation vital process parameters are monitored. The Dolphin control system provides alarm functions for broken water seal, low oil pressure, high back pressure and others.