Used Engine Oil Centrifuge


Used Engine Oil Centrifuge for Waste Oil Collection Company


Used oil collection and processing needs industrial scale purification equipment to handle large volumes of mineral oils with aqueous (water, engine coolant etc.) and sludge as contaminants. Filters or other filtration media are not suitable for continuous, reliable and consistent separation of used oils.

Dolphin Centrifuge was contacted by one such used engine oil collection company. The primary source of their collection was automobile service stations and auto parts stores customer used motor oil. Heating and acid-treatment was the preferred method of separation currently used by the company. Considering their annual volume of over 2M gallons, the cost of heating and decanting to produce crude used oil was not feasible considering their growth plans.

Based on past experience with similar waste oil centrifuge applications, Dolphin Centrifuge recommended the use of a small capacity waste oil centrifugal separator. Dolphin also supplied used engine oil purification results. This data was from before and after analysis of used motor oil treated through one of our industrial centrifuges.

The customers primary concern was the reduction of ash and heavy metal particles from the oil along with separation of water. Also, the customer wanted to continue with the use of acid to break the emulsified phase or rag layer they were getting in their incoming oil mix.

A standard Alfa Laval disc-stack centrifuge, designed for mineral oil purification, has some non-stainless steel parts in contact with the process fluid. Considering the customer requirements, Dolphin Centrifuge specially designed an all stainless steel fluid contact waste oil centrifugal separator system. The customer’s acid treated waste oil had a pH value of 3.5~4.

The centrifuge shown above was able to process at a 8 GPM flow-rate on the used engine oil at a process fluid temperature of 180 F.

Alfa Laval MOPX205 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge System for Used Engine Oil Processing including:

Technical specifications of this WVO industrial centrifuge: 3-Phase purification of Used Engine Oil to remove all water & fine sediment.