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Alfa Laval Fuel Oil Separator

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Fuel Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)

Fuel Oil is also referred to as Heavy Fuel Oil, depending on the viscosity of the oil. Both are thick, viscous fuels with high specific gravity. By definition, any petroleum-based fuel with a specific gravity higher than 0.90 and viscosity exceeding 180 cSt at 50°C is heavy fuel oil (HFO).

Marine engines and oil-fired captive power plants use HFO as fuel. The comparatively low cost of heavy fuel oil makes it fuel for commercial power generation and propulsion.

In general heavy fuel oil is the left-over remains of crude oil after the distillation of all the lighter and valuable fuels (diesel, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, and distillate).

Fuel oil is viscous and is not pumpable at ambient temperature. Heating of heavy fuel oil is necessary for separation and subsequent use in engines.

Why Purify Fuel Oil?

As mentioned above, fuel oil essentially is the left-over distillation tower in the crude oil refining process. Therefore, it contains high amounts of crude oil sludge in it. This sludge, if left untreated, causes severe problems for the engine using this fuel oil.

Condensation and seepage is a source of water contamination of fuel oil. This water can also cause engine performance issues if left in the fuel oil untreated.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, pre-treatment of fuel oil is critical for reliable engine performance with minimal breakdowns.

A centrifugal fuel oil separator is the most reliable and proven method to purify fuel oil as a pre-treatment method.

Alfa Laval Fuel Oil Centrifuge – HFO Centrifuge Module

Fuel Oil Centrifuge

A fuel oil centrifuge is a disc-stack centrifuge configured to separate fuel from water and sludge. Raw fuel oil contains water and sludge and therefore, cannot be used directly in engines. A fuel oil separator centrifuge uses centrifugal force to remove the sediment and free water from the fuel.

Heavy Fuel Oil Separator System - Duplex
Heavy Fuel Oil Separator System – Duplex

Dolphin Centrifuge’s fuel oil centrifuges are fully automatic systems for the purification of light & heavy fuel oils. They feature Alfa Laval self-cleaning, disc stack, centrifugal separators.

The separation process is essential to remove contaminants such as heavy metals (vanadium, sodium, potassium, etc.), as well as water and fuel sludge before using the fuel.

Fuel Oil Purifier Application:

Contaminated fuel oil can cause premature failure of engine & turbine components due to corrosion, clogging, and erosion of the fuel system. Properly cleaned and treated fuel is usable in a range of gas turbines and IC engine power plants.

Features and Benefits of Centrifuge:

  • Meet turbine manufacturers’ fuel quality requirements
  • Consistent fuel quality
  • No pre-filtration required
  • Reduced sludge volume for disposal (no filter cartridges)
  • Fully automatic operation (minimal labor)
  • No filter media-related costs

Centrifuge Sizing and Specifications

Centrifuge Class Alfa Laval Self-Cleaning, Partial Discharge, Disc Stack 
Centrifuge Efficiency Solid Particles > 1 µ ; Free Water > 2 µ
Model FOPX 605 TFD 24 FOPX 610 TFD 24 FOPX 613 TFD 24
Bowl Speed  7,600 RPM 5,180 RPM 4,140 RPM
Rated Capacity  21 GPM 68 GPM 105 GPM
Fuel Oil Capacity 30 cSt / 50C 12 GPM @ 190 F 42 GPM @ 190 F 65 GPM @ 190 F
Fuel Oil Capacity 100 cSt / 50C 10 GPM @ 190 F 32 GPM @ 190 F 47 GPM @ 190 F
Fuel Oil Capacity 700 cSt / 50C 3 GPM @ 200 F 14 GPM @ 200 F 20 GPM @ 200 F
Sludge Space (Gal) 0.36 1.6 3.8
Motor Power (HP) 5 15 20
Skid Dimensions (ft) 4′ x 4′ 4′ x 5′ 5′ x 6′
Skid Weight (Lbs) 1,700 3,500 4,200
* Specifications are for base skid without any options. 

Dolphin Fuel Oil Treatment System

Dolphin designed and manufactured fuel oil system processes untreated fuel oil through a pre-filtration and pre-heating system to the Alfa Laval, three-Phase, disc-stack centrifuge.

The heated oil has a much lower viscosity conducive to easier centrifuge separation. The extremely high centrifugal force within the separator bowl slings out the water and sludge from the oil. 

The centrifugal purifier internally pumps the separated clean fuel oil to a local storage tank, which feeds the turbine or engine.

Alfa-Laval Fuel Oil Purifier

Alfa Laval MOPX210 Fuel Oil Centrifuge

Self Cleaning æ Disc Stack Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 30 GPM on 180 Fuel Oil
Motor HP: 10 HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: ~ 5′ x 5′
Skid Wt.: ~ 2,800 lbs
Alfa Laval Diesel Fuel Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MOPX213 Diesel Centrifuge

Self-Cleaning æ Disc Stack Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 60 GPM on Diesel Fuel
Motor HP: 15 HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 6′ x 5′
Skid Wt.: ~ 4,000 lbs
Alfa Laval FOPX 613 Fuel Oil Centrifuge Package

Alfa Laval FOPX 613 Fuel Oil Centrifuge

Slef-Cleaning æ Disc Stack Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 40 GPM on 380 cSt Fuel Oil @ 200F
Motor HP: 15 HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 5′ x 6′
Skid Wt.: ~ 4,000 lbs