About Dolphin Centrifuge

Dolphin Centrifuge is all about Industrial Centrifuges and complete fluid recovery systems built around industrial centrifuges. In 2012 we had global annual installed capacity of over 7 Billion Gallons !

Why choose Dolphin Centrifuge?

Formerly known as Dolphin Marine Services – due to its initial focus on marine duty centrifuges – Dolphin Centrifuge has uniquely adapted disc centrifuges (in conjunction with horizontal “decanter” centrifuges) to a wide variety of industrial & oil-field applications. From a small diesel-centrifuge for tug-boat to a complete Explosion Proof Centrifuge System for an off-shore O & G Rig – we have the know-how and experience to cater to all segments of industry.


As an Engineering Company, Dolphin is well equipped to design and manufacture modular systems to provide complete “Soup-to-Nuts” solutions to our customers. We have also designed and implemented proprietary auxiliaries to meet our customers needs.

Our primary resource is our people. With a cumulative 75+ years in the industrial centrifuge field, we have the depth of experience and knowledge-base to handle the toughest of challenges. We are proud to emphasize – Once a Dolphin Customer – Always a Dolphin Customer!

As a customer focused company – we are glad to share our application specific field experience with our customers worldwide. As a added benefit to our customers, our years of field experiences and “lessons learnt” are imbibed into our equipment.

With a spacious, well-equipped industrial facility in Warren, MI – we are well setup to service our world-wide customer base. We take great pride in our American workmanship and a well recognized client list which includes the US Army, some of the largest government and private O & G companies, rig-builders etc.

In 2004 we achieved a milestone having supplied centrifuge equipment to all 5 major continents.

We invite all potential customers to visit us at our facility to get a feel for the work we do and our capabilities.