About Dolphin Centrifuge

Dolphin Centrifuge is all about industrial centrifuges and the complete fluid recovery systems built around them. In 2017 we had a global annual installed capacity of over 10 billion gallons!

Why Choose Dolphin Centrifuge?

Formerly known as Dolphin Marine Services due to its initial focus on marine duty centrifuges, Dolphin Centrifuge has uniquely adapted disc centrifuges (in conjunction with horizontal “decanter” centrifuges) to a wide variety of industrial and oil field applications. From a small diesel-centrifuge for a tug-boat to a complete explosion-proof centrifuge system for an off-shore O & G Rig, we have the know-how and experience to cater to all segments of the industry and a wide range of industrial centrifuge applications.

Dolphin Centrifuge Celebrating 35 Years

As an engineering company, Dolphin Centrifuge is well-equipped to design and manufacture modular systems to provide complete “turn-key” separation equipment to our customers. We have also designed and manufactured proprietary auxiliary systems such as heat loops, in-line heater packages, heat recovery systems, containerized oil recovery systems (ORS), etc. to meet our customers’ needs. Our in-house developed centrifuge control systems use state-of-the-art technology for ease of operation and unique built-in troubleshooting features.

Our primary resource is our people. With a cumulative 100+ years in industrial centrifuges, we have the depth of experience and knowledge-base to handle the toughest of challenges. We are proud to emphasize: Once a Dolphin Customer – Always a Dolphin Customer!

As a customer-focused company, we are glad to share our application-specific field experience with our customers worldwide. As an added benefit to our customers, our years of field experiences and “lessons learnt” are built into our centrifuge equipment.

With a spacious, well-equipped industrial facility in Warren, MI (Detroit Metro area), we are perfectly set up to service our world-wide customer base. We take great pride in our American workmanship and a well-recognized client list which includes the US Army, USACE, USBR, O&G companies, Power Utilities, Rig-builders, etc.

In 2004, we achieved a milestone having supplied centrifuge equipment to all five major continents.

We invite all potential customers to visit us at our facility to get a feel for the work we do and our capabilities.