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Lube Oil Centrifuge | Benefits, Specs, and Operation

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Alfa Laval MAB 103 ATEX Zone 2 Lube Oil Centrifuge

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Gas and steam power plants use lube oil centrifuges to keep the lubricating oil clean and dry. These applications involve high-efficiency separation of oil and water. They also remove fine sediment from the lube oil.  

Condensate leaks from cooling systems contaminate lube oil with water. Sludge particles originating from combustion or wear on moving parts contaminate lube oil.  

An Alfa Laval lube oil centrifuge removes all solid contaminants & water from the lubricating oil. Purified lube oil is desirable for the trouble-free operation of turbines and engines.  

These centrifuges are also known as Lube Oil Purifiers. or Lube Oil Conditioning Modules.

What is a Lube Oil Centrifuge?

A lube oil centrifuge is an Alfa Laval separator used for separating water and solids from the lube oil. A disc-type industrial centrifuge uses centrifugal force to separate the lube oil from water and solid contaminants.

How does a Lube Oil Centrifuge work?

A lube oil centrifuge exerts over 6,000 times the force of gravity to separate fine sediment and free water from the lube oil. The high g-force causes the solids and water to accumulate on the centrifuge bowl wall. The clean oil exits the centrifuge continuously from the center pathway while the water exits from a separate chamber.


There are many advantages of centrifuges over lubricating oil filters, which are listed below.


Some of the disadvantages of lube oil centrifuges are:


Centrifuge EfficiencySolid Particles > 1 µ ; Free Water > 2 µ
Centrifuge TypeAlfa Laval MAB 103Alfa Laval MAB 205Alfa Laval MOPX 210
Sludge HandlingManual CleanManual CleanSelf-Ejecting / Auto Desludging
Bowl Speed8,600 RPM8,700 RPM5,180 RPM
Rated Capacity5 GPM28 GPM72 GPM
ISO 32 Lube Oil Capacity3 GPM18 GPM45 GPM
Sludge Space0.15 Gal0.54 Gal1.5 Ggal
Motor Power1 HP5 HP15 HP
Module Dimensions*2' x 3' x 3' (H)3' x 4' 4' (H)5' x 6' x 7' (H)
Module Weight*800 Lbs1,500 Lbs3,000 Lbs
Operating Voltage110 V, 230 / 460 V230 / 460 V230 / 460 V
Utilities Required**Power, WaterPower, Water, AirPower, Water, Air
* Base module without options. ** Module with optional accessories.

Lube Oil Centrifuge FAQ

Can a disc stack centrifuge separate lube oil emulsion?

A lube oil centrifuge can separate lube oil emulsion as long as the lube oil is not chemically boned to the water. High temperatures and high residence time (low flow rate) enable emulsion separation.

Can a lube oil centrifuge be operated on 110 Volts power?

Small lube oil centrifuges can operate on 110 Volts AC power. The centrifuge needs to be modified with a special motor to be suitable for this voltage.

How low is the moisture content in the centrifuged lube oil?

The moisture content in the lube oil from the disc stack centrifuge ranges from 500 ppm level to 1500 ppm or higher. Lower flow rates at higher temperatures produce dryer lube oil.

Do you have mobile lube oil centrifuge carts?

We have small lube oil centrifuges on mobile carts to move between turbine lube oil sumps in power plants.

What is the ideal processing temperature for lube oil centrifuge?

Steam turbine lube oil separates best at around 150 F for maximum dryness.

Lubricating Oil Centrifuge System Setup

Lube Oil Centrifuge System Diagram
Lube Oil Centrifuge System Diagram

Lubricating oil purifiers are often installed in a ‘kidney loop' arrangement. The diagram above shows the typical arrangement for this system.

A pump feeds the contaminated oil to the purifier through an electric heater. Pre-heating the oil reduces the viscosity. Lower viscosity leads to high separation efficiency from the purifier. The lube oil centrifuge separates the free water and solids (down to 0.5µ).

The separated water drains out of the centrifuge, and the separated solids accumulate in the centrifuge bowl. The operator removes the sludge manually in a ‘manual clean’ centrifuge. A ‘self-cleaning’ Alfa Laval centrifuge automatically ejects the separated sludge.

Lube Oil Centrifuge Modules from Dolphin

Alfa Laval MAB206 Turbine Lube Oil
Alfa Laval MAB 205 Lube Oil Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MAB 205 Turbine Lube Oil Centrifuge

Manual Clean æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 15 GPM on Trubine Lube Oil
Motor HP: 5 HP
Voltages: 110V/230V/460V
Skid Dim.: ~ 4′ x 5′
Skid Wt.: ~1800 lbs

Alfa Laval MAB 206 Lube Oil Centrifuge

Manual-Cleaning æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 20 GPM on Lubricating Oil
Motor HP: 7.5 HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 4′ x 5′
Skid Wt.: ~ 2000 lbs
Alfa Laval MAB206 Lubricating Oil Purifier
Alfa Laval Compressor Oil Centrifuge Package
Alfa Laval MAB 103 Lube Oil Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MAB 103 Lube Oil Centrifuge

Manual-Cleaning æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs
Capacity: 3 GPM on Steam Turbine Lube Oil
Motor HP: 1 HP
Voltages: 230V / 460V
Skid Dim.: 3′ x 4′
Skid Wt.: ~ 1500 lbs

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