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Industrial Centrifuge Sample Testing

Industrial Centrifuge Sample Testing | Pilot Scale Disc

We process customer samples through our Alfa Laval Pilot Scale Disc Centrifuge (manual clean type) to determine the applicability of centrifugation as a possible separation method. Pilot-scale centrifuge sample testing lets Dolphin Centrifuge get a thorough understanding of your separation application and limitations if any. The test results allow us to recommend the right industrial centrifuge, which will work for your process. Our explosion-proof, pilot-scale disc centrifuge performs 3-phase separation as well as 2-phase clarification.

Based on this testing, Dolphin Centrifuge can make an informed recommendation as to:
(a) Applicability & limitations (if any) of an industrial centrifuge.
(b) Type and model of centrifuge best suited for customer’s needs.

The customer benefits by being able to evaluate centrifuge performance on their product. The customer may also run further laboratory analysis on the returned samples to verify separation efficiency.

What is a Pilot Scale Disc Centrifuge?

A small industrial centrifuge is known as a pilot-scale disc centrifuge. This centrifuge is designed to exert the same gravitational force as the larger (production) scale centrifuges but can process a small sample (approximately 1 Gallon) for evaluation purposes. Pilot-scale centrifuges have the same characteristics and the production models, such as continuous flow, disc-stack, 2-phase, or 3-phase separation.

Small Batch Customer Sample Testing

Dolphin centrifuge does have the in-house capability to batch process a sample (up to 10 Gallons) through a small industrial scale disc-stack centrifuge. Please call one of our centrifuge experts for details on this batch testing service.

Centrifuge Pilot Testing Results
Industrial Centrifuge Pilot Testing Results

Pilot Scale Testing Process

A nominal testing charge is applicable, which can be applied as a credit towards a centrifuge purchase.


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