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Alfa Laval BTPX 205 SGD 34


The Alfa Laval BTPX-205 is a self-cleaning centrifuge of the disc-stack type. Its design allows it to separate the liquid from liquid and solids (purifier) or liquid from solids (clarifier).

The BTPX-205 features a 'partial solids' ejection feature that allows the centrifuge to purge only the solids. This feature reduces fluid losses associated with sludge ejection.

The sludge ejection cycle can be timer triggered or based on volume processed.

As a clarifier, the centrifuge separates suspended solids such as organic cells in a broth or fine chemicals. When setup as a purifier, it separates solids as well as intermixed and immiscible liquid phases.

The solids content in the process fluid can be up to 10% by volume and can vary.

Biotech Clarifier Centrifuge
Biotech Clarifier Centrifuge


Model TypeAlfa Laval BTPX-205
Rated Capacity5 GPM on Pharma Cell Broth
Sludge Space0.25 Gallons
Bowl RPM9,650
G-Force12,800 Gs
Motor HP:7.5 HP
Voltages:230 / 460 V


The BTPX-205 is applicable for the removal of suspended solids with particle size of 0.5 t0 500 µm. The liquid centrate has a lower density than the solids.

The solids content is usually in the range of 0,1 to 10% by volume. The total solids content can be from 0.1% to 10% by volume.

The following are some of the popular applications the Alfa Laval BTPX-205:

The maximum process capacity of the machine is 5 Gallon/Minute.


The bio-culture fluid enters the rotating bowl of the BTPX 205 centrifuge. The bowl exerts a high g-force (12,800 Gs) on the process fluid.

The centrifugal force causes rapid sedimentation of the cells. These separated cells are auto-ejected from the centrifuge.

The liquid phase (broth) moves towards the centers and exists the bowl through a separate outlet.

A detailed explanation of the operation of the BTPX-205 centrifuge follows.

BTPX 205 Bowl Cross Section
BTPX 205 Bowl Cross Section

The process fluid enters the rotating bowl of the centrifuge through a stationary inlet pipe (1). The distributor (2) accelerates the fluid before it enters the disc-stack (3).

The separation of the solids from the liquid happens in the inter-disc space.

The clear liquid moves towards the center of the bowl. A paring disc (4) pumps out the clear centrate.

The denser solids move towards the bowl periphery. From there, their ejection happens through the centrifuge cyclone.

A hydraulic mechanism located under the bowl separation space causes the sludge ejection. This mechanism forces the sliding piston (5) downward, opening the solids ejection ports (6) at the bowl periphery.

The cyclone reduces the high ejection velocity of the solids.

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