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Food grade centrifuge

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Food-grade Centrifuge

A food-grade centrifuge is a specifically designed industrial centrifuge for the separation of edible products. With a flow-through design, food-grade centrifuges offer continuous processing. High centrifugal force (up to 10,000 g) separates beverages from fine impurities (1.0µ).

Uses of Mint Oil as a Flavoring Agent

Mint oil is a widely used food flavoring agent. A wide variety of consumable products such as toothpaste, chewing gum, soap, etc. use mint oil.

Moisture in Crude Mint Oil

Crude mint oil contains moisture. This moisture removal is necessary before distillation to make the oil dry.

Large amounts of water in the oil can cause an unacceptable load on the distillation system. Trace amounts of moisture left in the oil lead to quality & shelf-life issues. Industrial-scale stainless steel centrifuge is the solution!

Pilot Scale Feasibility Testing

One of the largest peppermint oil producers contacted Dolphin Centrifuge to perform a feasibility study on their oil. The producer wanted to explore centrifuges as a remedy for their moisture problem.

Dolphin Centrifuge proposed a pilot-scale test of their mint oil as a proof of concept. Our bench-top, pilot-scale disc centrifuge is ideal for such testing.

Disc stack centrifuges show high liquid/liquid separation efficiency. We processed a 20-gallon customer sample through our test centrifuge.

Mint Oil Testing Results

The customer technician used a ‘freeze test’ to verify the dryness of the separated oil (pure mint oil). He would freeze a small volume of the oil in a refrigerator.

Clear oil indicated the absence of moisture in the processed oil. All samples taken from our testing centrifuge were clear post freezing. The customer acknowledged the test to be a success!

Food-Grade Centrifuge Production Validation

Based on the pilot-scale test, the customer purchased a stainless steel centrifuge from Dolphin Centrifuge. Crude mint oil has no particle contamination. So Dolphin supplied a solid bowl, disc-stack centrifuge for their production. It was stainless steel, food-grade centrifuge made by Alfa Laval.

After the centrifuge installation and initial production, the customer returned to Dolphin. The realized production volume from the first unit was as expected. The quality of oil produced was beyond expectations. Based on these facts, they ordered many food-grade centrifuge units for their entire production volume.

Food-Grade Centrifuge Applications

Food and beverage industry applications for centrifugal separation equipment include:

  • Apple Juice and other Fruit Juices
  • Red and White Wine Clarification
  • Beer Clarification
  • Flavor Extraction
  • Hemp Oil
  • Horseradish Juice Clarification
  • Potato Juice Clarifier
  • Clarified Butter Separator
  • Olive Oil Purifier

Contact Dolphin Centrifuge for pricing information or to discuss your specific application. We have a large inventory of food-grade centrifuges for sale.