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Hemp Extraction Centrifuge

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Hemp Extraction Centrifuge

A hemp extraction centrifuge is a bowl centrifuge designed to extract the hemp biomass from the alcohol. It uses a centrifugal force of over 3,000 Gs to spin out the biomass solids from the ethanol. The separated biomass and ethanol are continuously discharged from separate discharge ports.

The exponential growth of the hemp industry has seen a variety of hemp extraction centrifuges for sale. Basket type (washing machine style) centrifuges are suitable for small-scale producers whose primary consideration is cost. Product losses are not a significant consideration at lower batch volumes.

Industrial hemp extraction centrifuge needs to be durable and heavy-duty to allow continuous processing with minimum labor involvement and production-related losses.  Also, processing equipment downtime is not desirable for industrial-scale hemp extraction processors.

An industrial centrifuge is a heavy-duty separator that is proven over time to be highly reliable and durable across all industries. Additionally, an industrial hemp centrifuge exerts a much higher centrifugal force, which leads to higher production efficiency and minimum product losses.

Large Volume Hemp Centrifuge - Explosion Proof - 40 GPM
Large Volume Hemp Centrifuge - Explosion Proof - 40 GPM


Hemp Centrifuges offer multiple advantages over conventional basket centrifuges. Following is a list of some of these benefits.


CentrifugeAlfa Laval NX-314 Decanter Centrifuge
Rated Hydraulic Capacity40 GPM
Capacity on Hemp + Ethanol Mix @ 20% Hemp20 GPM
Total Mass Flow Rate~11,000 Lbs/Hr
Hemp Processing Capacity~2000 Lbs/Hr
Separated Hemp Biomass Dryness< 5% Ethanol (wt)
Bowl Speed4,000 RPM
Centrifugal Force (RCF)3,150 Gs
Drive Motor15 HP
Material Of Construction (Wetted Areas)316L Stainless Steel

More details on hemp biomass separator centrifuge are on our blog post.

Industrial Scale Hemp Centrifuge Process

Hemp Process Flow Diagram
Hemp Process Flow Diagram

There are multiple ways to extract CBD oil from hemp. Typically it is a 4-step extraction process that is also used in the cannabinoid oil extraction process.

In Step 1, the crushed (pulverized) hemp plant is mixed with ethanol or other extraction fluid. A stainless steel reactor tank with mechanical agitation is well suited for this purpose.

Step 2 is where the hemp biomass (from step 1) is separated from the carrier fluid by a centrifuge or other separation methods. The separated ethanol (or carrier fluid) now has Cannabinoid Oil dissolved in it.

Step 3 is the polishing process to remove the remaining small biomass particles and waxes, lipids, etc. This is achieved by a high-g, self-cleaning type centrifuge (or filter) to produce clarified ethanol.

Step 4 is the final phase wherein this carrier fluid is distilled or evaporated to produce pure Cannabinoid Oil.

If designed and used effectively, Centrifuges offer high efficiency for the production of CBD Oil continuously to produce a high-quality, consistent product.

Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge

Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge
Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge

decanter centrifuge is a highly efficient ethanol extraction centrifuge. Designed for the Hemp CBD Oil industry, our decanter centrifuges come with Class 1 Div 1 or Div 2 Explosion Proof motors with VFD control. Separated hemp biomass can be as low as 10% ethanol meaning high recovery efficiency.

Increase your CBD, THC, and Hemp Oil production for the medical marijuana industry! Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges (specially modified by Dolphin Centrifuge) and proven to extract ethanol from hemp biomass continuously.

Industrial food-grade centrifuges and decanters are also well suited to extract flavoring oils from herbal plant matter. Mechanical separation avoids the use of filtration, which reduces operating costs and labor.

Ethanol Polishing - Remove Waxes and Lipids

Solvent Clarifier Centrifuge for Ethanol
Solvent Polisher (Clarifier) Centrifuge for Ethanol

Self-cleaning, Disc type centrifuges offer the maximum centrifugal force to separate the wax, lipids, and other suspended particles from the ethanol.

Hemp CBD Oil centrifuges reduce the need to filter the fine solids to purify hemp extract. This is essential to reduce post-winterization filtration load. 

Dolphin Centrifuge has developed a custom-designed Hemp CBD Oil Centrifuges line to clarify the ethanol from the previous step of biomass separation using an explosion-proof centrifuge, as shown here.

Contact Dolphin Centrifuge today to discuss your hemp oil de-waxing application with one of Dolphin Centrifuge’s process engineers.

Hemp CBD Oil Ethanol Winterization Centrifuge
Hemp CBD Oil Ethanol Winterization Centrifuge - Class 1 Div 2

Warm Ethanol Extraction

Warm ethanol extraction of CBD oil from hemp uses alcohol that has not been super chilled. The ethanol extracts the CBD oil from the hemp biomass and is distilled to obtain CBD oil. This process reduces the energy consumption of the ethanol chillers lowering production costs.

The inherent limitation of decanter centrifuges is the inability to process below the freezing point of water (32 F). This limitation is due to the possibility of environmental moisture condensing and freezing on the rotating centrifuge components.

Warm ethanol extraction removes this limitation and allows the use of decanters for the biomass separation process.

Solvent Extraction Centrifuge Features:

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