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Machining Coolant Centrifuge | Operation, Benefits, Limitations, and Specs

Alfa Laval WSPX303 Coolant Tramp Oil Separator
Alfa Laval WSPX303 Coolant Tramp Oil Separator

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What is Machining Coolant?

Industrial operations that have machining operations such as metal cutting, grinding, milling, etc., use coolants for product consistency and operational durability. Therefore the quality of the machining coolant is an essential factor for efficient machining operations.

Many companies do not continually measure the contamination levels in their machining coolants. They have learned by trial and error that by changing the coolant once a month or so, no problems will occur in the following machining stages.

Changing coolants just because they are dirty is an old-fashioned approach. It is also a messy and time-consuming task. With an industrial fluid centrifuge, you can control the contamination in the coolant tank.

There are many benefits to Clean Machining Coolant.

Coolant Centrifuge

Alfa Laval WHPX405 Centrifuge
Alfa Laval WHPX405 Centrifuge

A machining coolant centrifuge is an industrial disc centrifuge that effectively removes tramp-oil and sediment from the coolant continuously. It is a mechanical separator that uses centrifugal force to separate water-based coolants from denser metal particles.


A machine coolant centrifuge exerts a very high centrifugal force of over 7,000 Gs on the contaminated coolant. As a result, the small metal particles (down to 1-micron) accumulate on the bowl wall from where they are self-ejected.

The lighter coolant (free of contaminants) exits the centrifuge continuously through the fluid outlet passage.

Advantages of a coolant centrifuge:

In summary, an industrial fluid centrifuge offers several advantages, especially for larger-scale handling of cutting fluids.


Despite the advantages listed above, there are certain disadvantages to centrifuges for coolant recycling. The following are some of the limitations of centrifuges.


The following table summarizes the specifications of a typical, medium-capacity coolant centrifuge.

Centrifuge ModelAlfa Laval WSPX 307TGD-71G
Centrifuge TypeHigh-Speed, Self-Cleaning, Disc Stack
Coolant Processing Capacity28 GPM*
Bowl Speed8,375 RPM
Motor HP10 HP
Max. Solids32 Gal/ Hr
Weight1,500 Lbs
Size30" x 52" x 54" (H)

What is Tramp Oil?

Water-based coolants get contaminated with oil from hydraulic machinery, metal coating, machine tools, etc. This oil accumulates in the coolant forming a floating layer is known as tramp oil.

The following is a list of common problems associated with tramp oil in coolants.

Tramp Oil Centrifuge

A tramp oil centrifuge is an industrial, 3-phase centrifuge designed to separate tramp oil from water-based coolants. It is a pass-through type of centrifuge that can separate the tramp oil from the coolants producing fresh, reusable machining coolant.


A high-speed, disc-stack centrifuge produces over 7,000 gravity forces to continuously separate the tramp oil and solid particles from the machining coolant. The high g-force forces the heavy metal sediment to the bowl wall, 

It also concentrates the light tramp oil in the rotating bowl’s center, which comes out the center fluid passage; the clean coolant discharges through the outer fluid passage.


Centrifuge ModelAlfa Laval WSPX 303-TGP-34
Centrifuge TypeHigh-Speed, Self-Cleaning, Disc Stack
Lube Oil Capacity2 GPM
Coolant Capacity3 GPM*
Bowl Speed8,500 RPM
Motor HP3 HP
Voltage230 / 460; 3-Phase
Weight1,500 Lbs
Size36" x 48" x 50" (H)

Have you heard of pasteurizing machining coolant? It helps eliminate the bacteria in coolants. Read our detailed article about machining coolant recovery using a disc centrifuge and pasteurization.

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