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Alfa Laval WSPX 207 Self-Cleaning, Coolant Centrifuge

The Alfa Laval WSPX 207 Disc Centrifuge is a 3-phase separator designed to separate tramp oil and small particles from machine coolant.

The centrifuge bowl rotates at 6,300 RPM exerting over 6,500 Gs of Centrifugal force. This 3-phase centrifuge features all stainless steel wetted parts with automatic sludge discharge capability.

The WSPX 207 is perfect for the recovery of water-based coolants, semi-synthetic and synthetic, deoiling of wash water, high or low pH chemical separation applications.

Alfa Laval Stainless Steel Centrifuge
Alfa Laval WSPX 207 Stainless Steel Centrifuge
Alfa Lava Industrial Centrifuge Coolant Separation
Alfa Lava Industrial Centrifuge Coolant Separation


Model TypeAlfa Laval WSPX 207 TGP-74
Rated Capacity20 GPM
Sludge Space0.82 Gallons
Motor HP:7.5 HP
Voltages:230 / 460 V

The newer model Alfa Laval WSPX 407 is now available.


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