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Alfa Laval WSPX 307 Self-Cleaning, Coolant Centrifuge

The Alfa Laval WSPX-307 Disc Centrifuge is a 3-phase separator designed to separate tramp oil and small particles from machine coolant.

The centrifuge bowl rotates at 8,600 RPM exerting over 7,000 G-Force. It is a small centrifuge ideal for cleaning wash liquids, coolants, and de-oiling of water.

Alfa Laval WSPX-307 Water Based Coolant Centrifuge
Alfa Laval WSPX-307 Water-Based Coolant Centrifuge


Model TypeAlfa Laval WSPX 307 TGD
Rated Capacity22 GPM
Sludge Space0.87 Gallons
Motor HP:10 HP
Voltages:230 / 460 V

The newer model Alfa Laval WSPX 407 is now available. The previous version of this coolant centrifuge, Alfa Laval WSPX- 207, is also available.


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