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Alfa Laval WHPX 513 Clarifier Centrifuge Module with PLC Control Panel, Stainless Steel Pump & Pre-Filter


The Alfa Laval WHPX 513 Centrifuge is a self-cleaning disc-stack centrifuge built for the three-phase separation of mixed fluids and sludge. It is configured as a 2-phase clarifier for the separation of solids from liquids.

With a 15 HP Motor, the Alfa Laval WHPX 513 centrifuge has a bowl RPM of 4,150 and is rated at over 90 GPM on light oils.


The Alfa Laval WHPX 513 clarifier centrifuge module we currently have in stock is ready for use in the clarification of TSS from wastewater.

Other applications this centrifuge module is suitable for are:

The centrifuge module shown below can separate particles down to 0.5-microns (metal particles) at up to 60 GPM flow rate.

Alfa Laval WHPX-513 Centrifuge for Waste Water Clarification
Alfa Laval WHPX-513 Centrifuge for Waste Water Clarification


Model TypeAlfa Laval WHPX 513 TGD 24-60
Rated Capacity60 GPM on Wastewater Clarification
Sludge Space3.87 Gallons
Motor HP:15 HP
Voltages:230 / 460 V

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