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Diesel Fuel Centrifuge | Sludge & Water Separator

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Diesel Fuel Centrifuge

Alfa Laval Disc Stack Centrifuge for Diesel - Explosion Proof
Alfa Laval Disc Stack Centrifuge for Diesel - Explosion Proof

Rust sediment and sludge from storage tanks contaminate diesel fuel. Condensation in tanks causes water contamination. Alfa Laval diesel centrifuges separate all the solid particles & moisture from diesel fuel. Clean diesel fuel is essential for the trouble-free operation of engines.

Contaminant-free fuel is essential for reliable engine performance. Alfa Laval diesel fuel centrifuges are designed to protect your engine room equipment by maintaining a clean diesel supply.

Alfa Laval Centrifuge Selection Guide <<< How to choose an Alfa Laval Centrifuge for your application.

They have proven their efficiency and reliability and have been used worldwide for decades. These Alfa Laval diesel oil centrifuge modules keep the diesel fuel clean when installed between the storage tank and the day tank.

Alfa Laval Duplex Diesel Fuel Centrifuge
Alfa Laval C1D2 Duplex Diesel Fuel Centrifuge

Dolphin Centrifuge supplies a wide range of self-cleaning fuel purifiers for heavy fuel and crude oils. These are available as separate modules and include per-heaters, starter, and PLC control panels.

A recent application using a diesel fuel purifier for large-scale diesel recovery was supplied by Dolphin using an Alfa Laval disc stack centrifuge (self-cleaning type).

How does a diesel centrifuge work?

Alfa Laval MOPX 205 Duplex Centrifuge System Diesel

Diesel centrifuge operation can be simply explained as follows. Under the extremely high centrifugal force inside the rotating bowl, the water & sludge are spun out towards the outer periphery of the centrifuge bowl. At the same time, the clean diesel moves inwards and is continuously discharged through a 'light phase outlet.

Alfa Laval Diesel Centrifuge - Class 1 Div 2 Explosion Proof
Alfa Laval Diesel Centrifuges - Class 1 Div 2 Explosion Proof

The water is collected and discharged through a separate passage from the bowl periphery. The separated sludge is periodically ejected by the 'self-cleaning' mechanism built into the bowl.

What is a Black Diesel Centrifuge?

Can a centrifuge separate diesel from engine oil?

A centrifuge cannot separate diesel from engine oil. Disc centrifuges use centrifugal force to separate liquids from immiscible liquids. Engine oil and diesel are miscible liquids, i.e., they dissolve in each other. The centrifugal force in a centrifuge separates liquids with different specific gravities that do not dissolve in each other.


Centrifuge TypeAlfa Laval Self-Cleaning, Disc Stack 
Centrifuge EfficiencySolid Particles > 1 µ ; Free Water > 2 µ
Bowl Speed7,600 RPM6,300 RPM4,140 RPM
Rated Capacity 20 GPM32 GPM90 GPM
Diesel Capacity14 GPM21 GPM61 GPM
Sludge Space0.38 Gal1.03 Gal3.61 Gal
Motor Power5 HP7.5 HP15 HP
Dimensions 4′ x 4′4′ x 5′5′ x 6′
Weight 1,500 Lbs2,500 Lbs4,000 Lbs

If you have simple, routine questions: We have condensed our 40+ years of disc-stack centrifuge experience into 101 Frequently Asked Questions about Disc Stack Centrifuges!

Alfa Laval Diesel Centrifuge Skid for Diesel Dewatering
Alfa Laval Diesel Centrifuge Skid for Diesel Dewatering


There are several advantages to diesel centrifuges over conventional filters. Some of the key advantages are listed below.

Sludge and Water Removal

In addition to sludge or solid particles, disc centrifuges also remove water from diesel continuously. Simultaneous water removal is an advantage over filters that only remove solid particles.

High Separation Efficiency

Disc stack centrifuges separate solids particles as small as 0.5 microns from diesel. The centrifuge also separates free water particles down to 2 microns. Fine mesh filters (1-micron level) plug up fast and need constant replacement.

Continuous Performance without Degradation

Centrifuges use high centrifugal force to mechanically separate water and sludge from diesel fuel. Therefore, there is no performance degradation over time, irrespective of the amount of sludge in the diesel.

Filter performance degrades over time as the separated sludge particles block the filter pores.

Automatic Operation without Manual Labor

Self-cleaning diesel centrifuges automatically discharge the separated sludge intermittently. There is no manual labor involved in operating a centrifuge.

Filters require manual replacement periodically, which adds to operating costs and downtime.

Diesel Centrifuge - Class 1 Div 2 for Hazardous Areas

Alfa Laval Diesel Centrifuge Duplex Skid - Class 1 Div 2 Certified
Alfa Laval Diesel Centrifuge Duplex Skid - Class 1 Div 2 Certified

Certain diesel purification applications require the use of specially configured centrifuges due to the location of the application. Offshore O&G platforms, Refineries, etc. need diesel centrifuges that are classified for Class 1 Div 2 or Class 1 Div 1 areas.

These specific diesel oil centrifuges have special design features that allow their use in hazardous areas. The electrical controls and other electrical components also need to be certified for such zones.

Diesel Purification on Work-boats


Small-footprint Alfa Laval diesel centrifuges are designed for fuel & engine oil purification on vessels such as tugs, barges, yachts, etc.

Typically installed on day tanks, these centrifugal diesel purifiers remove the water and sediment contamination supplying clean fuel while keeping the lubricating oil clean. 

Shown at the bottom are diesel centrifuge packages of different capacities featuring Alfa Laval centrifuges.

Centrifuge Modules by Dolphin Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MAPX-210 Diesel Centrifuge
Alfa Laval MAPX-210 Diesel Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MOPX 210 Specifications

Flow-Rate30 GPM on Diesel
Motor10 HP
Voltage230 / 460 V 3-Ph
Size5' x 6' x 8' (H)
Weight4,000 Lbs
3-Phase High-Speed Disc Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MOPX 213 Specifications

Flow-Rate60 GPM on Diesel
Motor15 HP
Voltage230 / 460 V 3-Ph
Size6' x 6' x 8' (H)
Weight5,000 Lbs
Alfa Laval MAB206 Diesel Centrifuge
Alfa Laval MAB-206 Diesel Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MAB 206 Specifications

Flow-Rate26 GPM on MDO
Motor7.5 HP
Voltage230 / 460 V 3-Ph
Size5' x 6' x 5' (H)
Weight2,000 Lbs


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