Centrifuges for Biodiesel, Algae & other Biofuels

Alfa Laval MAPX209 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Feed Pump
40 GPM on WVO (Waste Veg Oil)

Alfa Laval MAPX313 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid with Feed Pump
60GPM on Biodiesel Glycerin Separation

Alfa Laval MAPX207 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Feed Pump, Pre-Heater, Pre-Filters, Sludge Tank & Sludge Pump
30 GPM on UCO (Used Cooking Oil)

Alfa Laval MAPX207 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Feed Pump, Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE), Sludge Tank & Pump, Electric Pre-Heater
30 GPM on Used Motor Oil Polishing

Alfa Laval MOPX213 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid with Feed Pump, Heater & Heat Exchanger
60GPM on Corn Oil Separation

Alfa Laval MOPX207 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Feed Pump, Sludge Tank & Pump
30 GPM on Biodiesel Glycerin Separation

Alfa Laval MOPX205 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

110VAC Drive, Feed Pump
Upto 10 GPM on Algae Harvesting

Alfa Laval MAPX207 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skids With PLC Control Panel
30 GPM on Biodiesel Separation

Alfa Laval MAPX204 Self-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With 110VAC Motor
5 GPM on Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Alfa Laval MAB207 Manual-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Viton Seals
50GPM on Biodiesel Glycerin Separation

Alfa Laval MAB205 Manual-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Feed Pump & Explosion Proof Motors
20 GPM on Biodiesel Wash-water Separation

Alfa Laval MAB206 Manual-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Explosion Proof Motor
30 GPM on Biodiesel Glycerin Separation

Alfa Laval MAB205 Manual-Cleaning Centrifuge

Skid With Teflon Coated Uppers
20 GPM on Biodiesel Separation

Dolphin Centrifuge - Stainless Steel Heat Loop

Feed Pump with VFD Control, Temperature Monitoring, Steam Control Valve
10 GPM WVO Heating - Non Plugging Design

Centrifuges for Biodiesel & Ethanol Processing

Alfa Laval Disc Centrifuges are widely used in various steps of the Biodiesel & Ethanol production processes. Biodiesel Centrifuge systems in particular are extremely efficient in instant separation of the reaction by-products.

Biodiesel Centrifuge

Biodiesel is obtained by means of the so-called transesterification process. A biodiesel centrifuge is the ideal way for separation of the glycerol and methylester. The end product has a clearly lower viscosity than the untreated oil and can therefore be used as a fuel, with only minor adjustments to the engine. Biodiesel can be mixed in any ratio with mineral oil diesel.

Primary applications of Alfa Laval disc-centrifuges in Biodiesel are:
– Separation of feedstock (WVO) from water/sediment
– Separation of methyl ester and glycerin/soap/methanol
– Washing of methyl ester
– Separation of fatty acids from glycerin
– Separation of salts from glycerin

Specially designed biodiesel centrifuge systems from Dolphin Centrifuge offer optional features such as:
– VITON seals in all fluid contact areas
– Direct-drive (spark-less) design for hazardous area installation
– Teflon covered collecting covers
– Electrical design for hazardous production areas

Algae Centrifuge for Harvesting Algae Cells

An Alfa Laval Disc Centrifuge is a highly effective way of concentrating algae cells from the broth. The high g-force lets the cell spin out of the water without any damage to the cell structure itself. the ‘self-cleaning’ type bowl ejects the accumulated algae cells as slurry or a thick paste ready for oil extraction or the dryer.

WVO / UCO Centrifuge

Waste Veg Oil (WVO) is most efficiently cleaned by using a 3-phase ‘self-cleaning’ disc-centrifuge. A WVO Centrifuge continuously separates the water and fine sediment from WVO, producing clean oil suitable for biodiesel production. These oil/water/sediment separators are available in varying capacities from < 5GPM to over 60GPM. Dolphin Centrifuge has designed and supplied custom built centrifuge modules for WVO purification including Electric Pre-Heaters, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Sludge Handling Systems all controlled by a ‘state of the art’ PLC / Touchscreen based Control System.

3-Phase Disc Centrifuges offer several advantages over heating /settling/ filtering:
– Time: Extremely high G-force facilitates instant separation saving time
– Equipment: No more settling frees up tanks for other uses
– Labor: No need to change filter bags leads to reduced labor time & cost
– Losses: Recovery of oil which was previously lost in settling tank bottoms
– Efficiency: Produce more from existing resources for higher profitability 

Separation is the secret

The g-force in a rotating centrifuge achieves all these benefits for you. It separates the heavy-phase (glycerin or water) from the light-phase (methyl ester on a continuous basis. It also has the ability to separate the salts (KOH) and other solid impurities.

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