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Alfa Laval CHNX 418 Decanter with Inert Gas Purging

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Alfa Laval CHNX 418 B31-G Two-Phase Decanter Centrifuge

Alfa Laval Decanter Rotating Assembly
Alfa Laval Decanter Rotating Assembly

The Alfa Laval CHNX 418 Decanter Centrifuge is a horizontal de-sludging centrifuge built for the two-phase separation of wastewater, crude oil tank bottoms, municipal sludge-thickening, industrial sludge dewatering, paint sludge handling, etc.

This decanter has an inert gas purge system installed for nitrogen purging of the operating space. This purge includes the container vessel and inlet feed pipe housing.

With a 20 HP Motor, the CHNX 418 decanter has a bowl RPM of 4,000 and can process 100 GPM of water with light sludge.


The Alfa Laval CHNX-418 Decanter is used for the following applications.

Cross Section Diagram

Decanter Cross Section
Decanter Centrifuge Cross Section


Model TypeAlfa Laval CHNX 418 B31-G Decanter Centrifuge
Rated Capacity100 GPM on Water Sludge Thickening
Auger Differential Speed1 ~ 50 RPM
Drive Motor Power20 HP
GearBox Ratio1 : 159 (2.5 kN-M)
AE (Area Equivalent)1,565
Bowl Speed4,000 RPM
G-Force3,150 RCF
Conveyor ProtectionCarbide Tile or Tungsten Carbide Hard-Surfacing
Inert Gas PurgingGas Nozzle Manifold for Inert Gas blanketing of Vessel and Glands

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