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6MGY Used Oil Centrifuge Plant | Layout, Benefits, Equip Specs

Used Oil Centrifuge Plant with 6 MGY Capacity - Layout, Benefits, and Equipment Specifications Table of Contents For commercial or large-scale processing of used oil, centrifuges play a vital role in the separation process of water and sludge. This article discusses the typical layout of a used oil plant using industrial centrifuges, highlighting the benefits […]

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Alfa Laval Centrifuge Selection Guide | Decanter or Disc Stack

The Alfa Laval centrifuge selection guide helps users identify the optimum centrifuge based on process fluid properties for their specific application.

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Alfa Laval Industrial Centrifuges | Types, Uses, Advantages, Specifications

Table of Contents Alfa Laval industrial centrifuges are fluid separators designed and manufactured to separate fluids on a large scale. These centrifuges exert high centrifugal force to affect the separation of solids from liquids and liquids from liquids.  Types Alfa Laval manufactures two types of industrial centrifuges. These are known as Decanter and Disc Stack […]

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Dewatering Centrifuge | Operation, Animation, Uses, Benefits

Table of Contents A dewatering centrifuge is an industrial centrifuge specifically designed to dewater, i.e., separate water from sludge. The separation of water from a slurry thickens the sludge and reduces the volume of wastewater for disposal. Therefore, this centrifuge is also known as a sludge thickening centrifuge. Operation The operation of a dewatering centrifuge […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Parts | Availability, New vs. Generic, Sources

Table of Contents Disc stack centrifuge parts are specific to individual centrifuge models and differ between centrifuge manufacturers. Each centrifuge manufacturer has a specific centrifuge design that dictates the centrifuge parts. Centrifuge Construction The overall construction of most standard disc stack centrifuges is similar. They have a low-speed motor (1,800 RPM) that powers a bull […]

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Alfa Laval Disc Centrifuge Accessories | Recommendations and Benefits

Table of Contents The end-user can implement Alfa Laval disc centrifuge accessories to enhance the centrifuge performance by conditioning the process fluid, ease of operation, and centrifuge effluent handling.  In this article, we discuss the various Alfa Laval disc centrifuge accessories and their benefits. It is important to note that these centrifuge accessories are suitable […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Capacity | Rated vs. Actual | Factors to Consider

Table of Contents Disc stack centrifuge capacity is often confusing to first-time centrifuge customers primarily due to the wide range of capacities mentioned by used equipment sellers, online literature, and the general users. So, in this article, we will explain the difference between swallowing capacity, rated capacity, and actual real-world capacity of disc stack centrifuges. […]

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Disc Stack Centrifuge Troubleshooting | Clogged Bowl Discs

Table Of Contents Excessive sludge can potentially clog the bowl discs in a disc stack centrifuge. If the sludge enters the inter disc space, it blocks the passage for fluid to pass between discs. This condition is known as a clogged disc stack, and it drastically affects the centrifuge performance. Clogged bowl discs can also […]

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Alfa Laval Centrifuge | Applications, Benefits, Cost, Types, Specs, Sizes

Table Of Contents An Alfa Laval centrifuge is an industrial centrifuge manufactured by Alfa Laval, a global standard for high-quality, reliable separation equipment. These centrifuges find a wide variety of uses in all manufacturing and processing industries. Working Principle An Alfa Laval centrifuge is a sedimentation type of centrifuge that utilizes the enhanced force of […]

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Ethanol Extraction Centrifuges: Technical Comparison

Table Of Contents Ethanol Extraction Process The use of solvents to extract CBD Oil and THC compounds from dry plant biomass is known as the ethanol extraction process. Depending on the type of compound desired, the process may vary, but alcohol in the form of ethanol is key to the extraction of cannabinoids. An essential […]

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